The most successful Mexican content app with a revolutionary service aggregation mode

The Pain

Life in large cities is complex and hectic. People in urban areas have access to many private and public sources of information and services to have an easier, safer and more enjoyable life. But figuring it out how to find and use them is already a burden in itself.

The Solution

A mobile app that aggregates services that are relevant for people living in urban areas with a geospatial intelligence layer below them, which allows a personalized and contextual experience

Featured at South by Southwest (Austin) in the proximity-based content category (2015)

Named the best Mexican mobile content & news app by the United Nations WSA award (2013)

Pioneeer since 2014 in Mexico with proximity-based technologies (beacons and geofences)

Launched the first mass-scale, citizens public safety broadcasting system (2013)

Launched a marketplace for on-demand mobile services (2016)

Innovated content industry with the concepts of adaptive editorial line and geo referenced local content


Active Users

Monthly visits per user

Push content sent per month

Urban360 makes your life in the city easier, safer and more enjoyable



Internally-produced local content and reviews; RSS feeds on relevant topics; and user generated content from social networks. An underlying big data platform captures individual preferences for a richer and more personalized user experience

Mobility Services

Real-time traffic and public transportation information

Urban Life

Geo referenced information about restaurants, attractions, services (gas stations, ATMs, parking lots) and nearest promotions

Urban Pay

On-demand services and discovery products from qualified mobile partners: gourmet food & beverages, entertainment, bill payments, cellular airtime, local craftworks, travel and local events.

Community Services

Classifieds section for peer-to-peer commercial and community communications

Smart Alerts

Intelligent alert system that provides contextually-relevant information and warnings to users, such as: renewal reminders for car license & insurance, local driving restrictions, pollution control revisions, traffic fines and public safety alerts