Omnichannel Consumer Platform

Consumer Experience Platform

Intelligent platform which automates, manages and generates analytics for proximity campaigns with push notifications, and allows individual segmentation of consumers by means of big data technologies.

On Site Equipment

Sale, installation and technical support of store equipment, such as beacons, NFC / RFID tags and WiFi Access Points.

Shopper Journey Lab

Consulting services on omnichannel shopper journey design, in-store digital promotions, proximity campaigns and strategic analysis of migration plans to emerging retail models

Managed Services

Managed and outsourcing services of operational activities, such as creation and management of mobile marketing campaigns; on site technical support; and IT support and integration of software components to develop customer┬┤s digital assets

Extended Audience Services

Aggregation of segmented user bases from own and third party apps in order to maximise the reach of omnichannel initiatives

Pioneers in Proximity Marketing and Omnichannel Retailing

First company to execute multiple large scale geo-referenced mobile campaigns and Omnichannel pilot tests in Mexico



Technological platform, Best practices, Consumer reach

Initial challenges for adoption of Omnichannel busines models

1st large scale beacon pilot in Mexico

40,000 impacts in 4 weeks at 5 supermarkets with an open rate of +30%

Real time in-store traffic analysis

1,300 geofences that store traffic patterns, dwell time and other metrics from 750,000 users

Omnichannel Consumer Experience Platform

Turn key solution that integrates equipment, big data, marketing automation, campaign adnministration and analytic tools to enable consumer brands and retailers implementing effective omnichannel initiatives

Shopper Journey Lab

Consulting services on mobile marketing, omnichannel strategies, m-commerce & m-payments, mobile business models and trade marketing to develop disruptive omnichannel shopper journeys

Beacons & Geocercas

Geospatial components (beacons and geofences) with real time and historical location information